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Posted 20 July 2011 - 10:08 AM

Yesterday, I was at UHH to troubleshoot a network-based module installation for work. I had helped set up the three modules (one master, two slave) several weeks ago, and we tested the whole system then to make sure it was working. Last Friday (when I was out of commission) UH tested the system and found that it was not working properly.

On Monday I was told to go back and see what the problem was, and for two days I could not connect to any of the modules. The application used to program/update the modules could see two of them when it scanned the network, but I could not access them. I figured this was a network problem, so we went straight to a network switch that one of the modules was plugged directly into, and I could still not access it. Command line pinging (from any location) would reply with "Destination host unreachable", and that error was sent by a different IP address (one that the head of the department did not recognize). We got fed up, and I went home with one of the modules to see if I could access it one-on-one, to eliminate hardware failure as a reason.

When I get home, I connect the unit through a network switch to my work laptop, fire up the application and attempt to scan the network. I shat a brick because not only was the module I had showing up, but all three of them was found, and all three of them were connectable. In disbelief, I went to my own PC, and found that all three IP addresses were pingable, and they replied in about 30ms. I even told my dad to try entering one of the IP addresses on IE on his computer, and the web-based administration page of the module came up. Same story this morning from both my house and where I am now, the UHH library (general UHH wifi/ethernet).

Fucking unbelievable. What the fuck, UHH. You guys spend $1000+ on a system that's not even doing the job you want it to do efficiently...I can't connect to it when I'm plugged into the exact same place yet I can access it from my house several miles away. I'm not extremely familiar with NAT or networking as a whole, but to be able to access an internal-to-UHH IP address from my house? Something is wrong.

tl;dr: went to UHH for work, and couldn't connect to some $300 network modules when I was sitting right next to them, but I could from my house.

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