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Posted 19 April 2009 - 07:55 PM

Product: LG VX8700
Store: Got locally, Verizon
Price: $200
Description: This is my current mobile phone, it's not a smartphone but it suits my needs perfectly.

  • Value: 9/10
    This is a very well-built phone, and most of the shell is indeed metal. It feels very solid and smooth, but the plastic used to supplement the metal is only plated silver. Scratching the plastic will render it dull, and the front screen tends to get scratched from the belt clip too. For the feature set, looks and power I would have expected to pay a bit more.

  • Product quality: 9/10
    Everything on it still works, and it's been on 99.9% of the time since I've gotten it. The only problem I have is that the microSD card sometimes can't be 'seen' by the phone, so I have to turn it off and reinsert the card to access it. Another minor problem is that I've noticed the keys I use more are noticeably softer (worn out?) than the keys I don't use as much. The main thing I worry about at this point is the power/data socket, the pins in there are tiny.

  • Functionality: 8/10
    It's not a smartphone, but it does have quite a bit of features. Bluetooth, mp3 player, high megapixel (2.0) camera, can take 3g2 videos up to an hour long, access web, etc. and those are just the features I use. There's the normal stuff, like alarm clock and calendar, but the menus are kinda stupid and a little laggy. At least it looks nice, the interface matches the brushed metal look of the phone itself...I just wish they spent as much time optimizing it so I didn't have to wait for a bit every time I press a menu button.

  • Comfort/Ease of Use: 9/10
    It's very thin, which is the point of the phone, so it's hard to use if you have your hands busy. The screen isn't as bright as my old phone, but it's quite large and the fonts can be made huge so visibility isn't an issue. The keys have a slightly raised stylish border that allow you to feel where the center of the key is, and the side buttons are well placed too. The speaker actually goes quite loud, as it multifunctions both as the phone call and ringing/speakerphone. The only reason this didn't get a 10/10 is because the battery area gets VERY hot when charging or under extended (hour+) conversations.

  • Looks/Design: 9/10
    I get compliments on my phone more than I thought I would. The metal really is a nice touch, and it is very thin with a nice white backlight. The only complaints I have is that to access the microSD card, the battery (and therefore the rear case) has to be removed. Another thing is that the case is metal, which means it will DENT instead of scratch or bounce off something if you hit it. Not very noticeable unless the phone is clean or inspected closely, but it's annoyance for me. The holofoil LG logo and laser etched Verizon logo on the front were nice touches.

  • Documentation: 6/10
    The software used to connect and sync to it is included, but the cables and drivers have to be bought or 'obtained', respectively. I had to torrent several things before I could get it to sync with my pc (using BitPim). I could not find out for the life of me whether or not the VX8700 supported microSDHC through the documentation, it was only through trial and error that I found out it could. Documentation on specific features has proven nothing but a headache, so I have reverted to experimentation. Other than that, the features of the phone itself has a nice writeup, including a quick-start guide.

Overall rating: 8.33/10 B

I like this phone a lot. If it wasn't for the shoddy documentation and the lagginess of the GUI, it could have been close to perfect for a conventional clamshell phone.

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