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A Huge Loss 20 July 2017

You always take the things you had growing up for granted - stores, parks, schools, neighbors, friends. That rock-solid feel you get when you realize that amongst a quickly changing world there are certain constants that you can trust to be there forever. Unfortunately, part of growing up is realizing that nothing is permanent and nostalgia is such a powerful feeling that we will soon have to rely on remembering that feeling itself because its source has been lost.

Today we lost someone who was very close to a lot of the D.C community's adolescence, if only our inner strength gained after hearing him and his bandmates over and over could've influenced his decision in a more positive way.

It's a shame that he spent all of his efforts to help us, and didn't have any help left for himself. I never knew his name until recently, but that fact does not speak for how much Linkin Park helped all of us when nobody else would or could.

See you on the other side, Chester.