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Posted 07 October 2007 - 12:44 AM

I've ordered from this site a lot of times over the years, and I didn't really think to do a review until now.

Company: SuperBrightLEDs Inc.
Based in: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Products: High-brightness LED's (obviously :P ) and related products.
  • Prices: 5/10
    They are quite expensive compared to everywhere else...HOWEVER. They say it's because their LED's have guaranteed specs and guaranteed quality, and they're damn right. I've gone for cheaper LED's when quality isn't a top concern (ie. bulk applications) and there IS a NOTICEABLE difference in quality. Leads are consistent and robust, the epoxy casing is consistent with spec, and all the LED's are identical. Also, they have bulk discount (starting at 10+!) so if you need a lot, you can get them for cheaper (5-10c less per, usually). Their prices are indeed quite high compared to other vendors (like ebay ones, especially) BUT I believe this price is justified, because you are indeed getting a quality product.

  • Product quality: 10/10
    Like I said above, their quality for LED's are top-notch. I haven't seen any other high-brightness LED distributor (except the corporations, like Mouser/Fairchild/etc.) with comparable quality. Seriously. Also, for those of you who care, all their LED's are RoHS compliant.

  • Selection: 9/10
    They have a decent selection overall. They stock many different kinds of 5mm LED's (normal sized) but their 3mm is lacking in choice between colors. I'm not sure if this is just a stocking choice or an industry limitation, but I'd like to have as many choices of mcd/viewing angle tradeoff as possible in all sizes. However, they stock a lot of different types of LED's (even gigantic 1W kinds), so it's not a problem at all. In addition to raw diodes, they also have a lot of LED based products, especially in incandescent/flourescent replacement (home/auto/etc.). They have quite a lot of different replacement bulbs in their inventory, from flashlights to car taillights. Lots of neat stuff, check it out.

  • Shipping: 9/10
    Their shipping rocks, it's a base price of $5 if you order LED's (up to $100 worth). I think they charge a bit more for the other products and the 1W LED's (they're big that's why) but I haven't checked, as I have never ordered such things. Ships via USPS, and comes well packed and sorted by product number in pink anti-static bags. Each bag has a sticker with the product number and general specs (wavelength, color, mcd rating and viewing angle) on it.

  • Documentation: 10/10
    Their products are well documented, all the LED's have a datasheet easily accessable on their site. It's in html format, which is convenient (no more hanging the browser loading the Adobe plugin), but it's just as detailed as pdf datasheets. LED products are described well, and have great stock pictures and dimensions. Background info on LED's, along with online tools, are available on one of their pages.

  • Website design: 9/10 is a great site to be on, the navigation is simple for the most part. Aside from a few scripting errors (most noticeable is the mouseover on the homepage), their site is clean and colored text is used often (to great effect). The only problem is the lack of hyperlinks going to and from the cart to the information pages, but I suppose that's a necessity because they use cookies to keep track of your cart (so they don't have to use and maintain a database for temporary carts).

Overall rating: 87% B+

I'd recommend them to anyone who's in the market for LEDs or LED products. :)

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