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nostalgia again. 29 March 2011

As a response to one of Yosh's facebook posts (here) I went and dug up my old CD player, a Sony D-NE509. It's sweet.

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ATRAC3Plus, ATRAC3 and MP3 FORMAT PLAYBACK : ATRAC3plus is an advanced audio compression technology offering multiple bit rates, allowing you to create music compilations tailored to your listening preference with the ability to get up to 490 songs on 1 CD-R/RW disc at 48kbps. ATRAC3plus offers extended song capacity with superior sound quality.

that's right, ATRAC3Plus. I burned an entire CD with 48kbps ATRAC and I couldn't tell the difference from 128kbps MP3 with the $10 earbuds I used to use back then.


1 LINE DOT MATRIX Display : provides ID3 tag information for fast and easy identification and location of your ATRAC or MP3 selections and makes it easy to Search all music files even in another folder layer

back when I first got this, it was the coolest thing in the world. every other CD player I've seen before this one did not know what ID3 was, and simply displayed as "T-01" etc. There was a real kick out of seeing my songs show up on my portable CD player.



MP3 players these days boast full color screens, huge GB capacities and even wifi...but the real electronics were the giants we used to use five, ten years ago. Two standard AA batteries means that despite a CD player having multiple moving parts, it has over twice (usually around 3x) the watt-hour battery capacity than modern MP3 players. I haven't seen anything recently with 77 goddamn hours of battery life.


Digital Mega Bass Sound System : Digital processing technology to produce rich, deep bass tones with extremely low harmonic distortion

this thing really works. The bass boost is punchy and nondistorting. There's two levels, Sound 1 is general bass boost for headphones, and Sound 2 really punches it hard. I can't imagine what dubstep on this setting would sound like.


Digital VOLUME FUNCTION : You can increase and decrease the volume digitally

I really like this feature. On my first crappy CD player, the hold button would stop all buttons, but the volume control was a dial. That meant when I would throw it into my backpack, more often than not I would get a surprise. The hold switch on the D-NE509 puts the volume on hold too.


HEAT RESISTANT Lid : The lid dissipates heat so it will not cause internal damage to the unit or burn the user

not sure what this feature is (the unit never gets hot), but the lid has a big plexi inlay which looks sweet.


But anyway, I digress. Inside the Walkman was one of my old CD's, I'm guessing circa 2006. I went and stole the AA's out of my Xbox360 controller and am still listening to it as I'm writing this blog. The majority of the music on it was Super Eurobeat of the time period. Talk about a time machine, this was right when my favorite SEB album of all time came out (SEB170, I actually bought it too :p), and before Initial D 4th Stage was finished (only the first OST was out). Listening to the CD brought back all of the memories of my first year in college. This was a massive shock to me, because I've listened to old SEB now and again and it's never resulted in such a flood of memories. Maybe it has to do with knowing when/where the CD came from, or maybe it's due to it playing on my beloved CD player. Believe it or not, I've used this thing far more than any of my MP3 players due to me not having much of a life in mid high school, when I first got it. My Zen Micro was my first MP3 player ever, purchased off eBay on 3/22/05...but I didn't have the same passion for it as I did with my Walkman.

I really love the SEB140-170 era of Super Eurobeat. Everything was more or less in the same tone, the songs had an inexplicable happy energy radiating out. No matter how depressed or unmotivated I was feeling, I threw on some SEB and listened to my fears and worries melting away. So many of the songs on this CD specifically transplant me to a particular situation or location; much of it is at the dorm doing routine chores or hanging out while doing something interesting. One of the songs actually brought me back to when I used to wait on top of Lokelani doing laundry. Amazing.

This kind of shit always happens right before an important test. :T Back to studying, with my newly rediscovered music.