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my laptop Sager NP3880 (customized) aka Clevo M38 Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 14 September 2008 - 03:23 PM

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Sager Official Website:

A couple of reviews:

A couple of reseller pages:

I love my laptop! I've had it since summer 05, and it's still going strong. As a few of you may know, there was a few problems with it (screen died in mid-06, screen cracked in mid-07, first optical drive died in mid-06 and second one is dying as of now due to being next to a subwoofer, battery life is only half an hour now, the palmrests run a little hot...) but that's to be expected, it's over three years old (and it's been powered on for over 90% of the time).

I use nearly all the features which is good (no paying for extra stuff you don't need) and everything important works prefectly after all these years.

If you think Sager is a 'no-name' brand, check this out, and pay attention to these parts:


What has Clevo done to distinguish itself?
1994 - First Pentium notebook PC producer in Taiwan
1997 - World's 1st 15.1" notebook
2003 - World's 1st 17" WXGA notebook
2004 - World's 1st Intel Dual-Core notebook (M570 debuted)
2005 - World's 1st AMD X2 Dual-Core notebook (D900K and X2 released late 2005)
2006 - World's 1st notebook with SLI technology (M590K... 19")
2007 - World's 1st Intel Core 2 Quad-core notebook with SLI technology and RAID 5 (D900C already out, G0-step Q6600/Q6700 was released)
2008 - World's 1st DDR3 notebook (M860TU... 15.4" w/ 8800M at release time)

Seven world firsts? Let's see the list of Dell/HP/Gateway world firsts...oh that's right, they don't make their own computers.


Why buy a Clevo notebook?
1.) Price (Bang for the Buck): Since Clevo notebooks are sold by so many vendors, they are usually very price competitve (along with competitive service/support) as opposed to notebook models that are exclusive to only one vendor (whom can charge whatever they want)
2.) Quality (Hard as a Rock): If you ever have a chance to try out a Clevo notebook (especially the high-end models), you will find that they have superior build quality and design as compared to mainstream notebooks.
3.) Software (No Crap/Bloat-ware): When you purchase your custom systems, you can choose whichever OS you want to install (or have installed for you) and the OS is clean installed w/o extra trial/un-needed/useless software installed along with the system.
4.) Uniqueness ("It Ain't a Dell"): Subjective to personal preference. But having a custom high-end notebook that the masses cannot identify is pretty 1337.

1. This was the whole reason I got my laptop, it was a good $300 cheaper for equivalent specs of other brands.
2. It may be a bit heavy, but I like my things to feel like they are high quality. Ultralight things are for fairies...
3. The recovery cd is really a recovery doesn't even include drivers for some of the optional peripherals, much less bloatware like OMGFREEGAMES shortcuts or stupid aol trials, like our home Gateway pc did.
4. 30% of the people I meet ask me what kind of computer I have. After I tell them, 100% of those people ask me 'what's that?'. Yes, it's the snob factor, but it's also an introduction for my friends into the world of computer manufacturers...just cause it isn't mainstream doesn't mean it's no good. In fact, the converse may be true these days...

The NP3880 series has since been phased out (as have all the models I was looking at back in 2005), but there are many more Sager computers to choose from now. Take a look at the official site, or in the thread above, and they are all very sexy. If you are going to be in the market for a new mid-upper end laptop, give Sager a shot. Who knows, you may be a future customer as well.

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