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Posted 04 February 2008 - 03:50 PM

these are just Windows XP (Professional, may apply to Home as well) problems that I've had, and went through much time and research on learning how to solve.

Problem: USB flash drives, card readers, etc. not appearing in Explorer, but are recognized by the Disk Management

There were three main reasons for this that I found...
  • Broken flash drive hardware (unlikely, but possible)
  • Corrupted USB drivers
  • Problems with SPTD, a hardware access layer

As it turns out, the problems I was having was due to a corrupted SPTD driver (which came with Alcohol 120%). Solutions are as follows:

  • Replace flash drive :\
  • Unplug all USB accessories, including hubs, and go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Device Manager > USB Controllers (all the way at the bottom). Right click > Uninstall all the items there, so that there is nothing left (category will probably disappear). Reboot computer, and plug everything back in after it's up and running again. XP will look for drivers, and reinstall them properly. This has helped most people with the problem.
  • Unfortunately, me (and quite a few other people) were still having problems after reinstalling all the drivers, so the other solution that turned up was to reinstall a faulty/corrupt SPTD driver. Go to the website ( and download the latest version of their driver. You may have to enter Safe Mode depending on how severe the problem is, but I was able to get it working in a regular boot setup. Run the installer (it may or may not find any previously installed version, mine said I didn't have it installed even though I clearly had one, there was a stpd.sys in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\) may have to reboot before and/or after the installation. Things should work normally.

If that doesn't help you, I'm afraid you're on your own...the only other thing you can try is try a system restore, or in the worst case, repair windows with the oem cd.

Problem: Windows Update finds updates, but a 'Some updates could not be installed' error appears, with a list of components that failed to install

As far as I know, there is only one main reason why this happens, and this is due to a corrupt/faulty updater program. This is what happened to me (and the solution fixed it), so here's what to try.

Go to the microsoft site and download a new updater ( It's easiest if you rename the exe and save it somewhere easy, like for example: C:\wua.exe. Close all open programs, and bring up the Run (or command) prompt (Start > Run). Type in the following:
C:\wua.exe /wuforce

This will force the program to re/install over itself, which gets rid of the faulty update agent and replaces it with one that works.

A related MSKB update is here:
it may or may not be necessary to solve this problem...when fixing my system, I didn't need it.

I'll update this whenever new problems (and solutions!) arise, feel free to add your own that you've solved that may help others!

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Posted 08 February 2008 - 02:54 PM

that's cool, thanks for sharing those. hopefully nobody will need them, but just in case... :D

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