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Posted 21 March 2008 - 02:34 AM

Product: eclipse (sugarless chewing gum)
Company: Wrigley

  • Price: 8/10
    Costs just as much as everything else, not bad but not that great either.

  • Taste: 2/10
    I really don't like how it tastes...the actual 'flavor' isn't bad, it's just the extra stuff in the gum that makes it taste like chemicals, or otherwise overly synthetic. I know that it's sugarless, I know they have to make it sweet using artificial means, but other sugarfree gum don't suffer this much from taste problems. All of the flavors of eclipse I've tried have this problem.

  • Texture: 8/10
    It's alright, there are better (softer, more pliable) gum available, but eclipse is pretty good.

  • Duration: 3/10
    It doesn't last for long, most of the flavor comes at you as soon as you take that first bite, then drastically goes down every time you chew it. If you're looking for something that'll have taste for a long time, look elsewhere.

  • Packaging: 8/10
    It comes in the industry standard metal foil bubble package, nothing special. They do cram 12 pieces into a single pack though, so that's good.

Overall rating: 5.8/10 D

Come on Wrigley, you can do better. Eclipse just tastes too synthetic, and doesn't last as long as you want us to think. Trident is much better, I'll probably do a review of that later.

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