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Consumer Electronics review template at the request of Veji, lol Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 19 November 2007 - 11:16 PM

Well, here's what I came up with, in addition to Vejida's first review.

Product: Name of the product
Website: Official (not reseller) website, if any
MSRP: Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price, if applicable
Store: Website of the store where you got it, if applicable
Price: What you paid for it (if you want to disclose it)
Description: A short description of what the product is, and you can skim over various features it has if you want.

[*]Value: X/10
[indent]Originally 'price' on Vejida's review, I think this is a better indication of how you feel about paying so much for the product.  I suspect these will be mostly 9s or 10s, because you've probably done some shopping before finally deciding to buy the one you end up with right?[/indent]
[*]Product quality: X/10
[indent]General product build quality, adjusted for your price bracket (ie. it's okay to rate something cheap high up, if you feel it's well made for its price).  Also, rate how stury the device feels, as I know that if something feels fragile, you worry too much about breaking it and not enough about how great it is to use.[/indent]
[*]Functionality: X/10
[indent]How many different functoins does it have?  Can it adapt well to different conditions?  Keep in mind the price bracket, again, as more expensive stuff will clearly have more features.[/indent]
[*]Comfort/Ease of Use: X/10
[indent]If the device isn't easy to use it can very easily spoil the experience.  This is a how easy the product is to use in the real world, ie. does it work for you even under bad conditions?  This is a compliment of the 'Functionality' rating, as this one reveals what features are great, and which ones are just unnecessary extras.[/indent]
[*]Looks/Design: X/10
[indent]A sexy Pininfarina design can make the difference between a good gadget and a bad one.  Buttons in the wrong place can be inconvenient, as well as a too-small screen.  This is how the aesthetics combine with functionality, and how well form has been molded around function.[/indent]
[*]Documentation: X/10
[indent]This usually isn't a component in most reviews, but try putting something about how well the product is documented, either online or in a user manual.  If the design engineers bother putting in features, the people in the documentation department better make sure that the customer knows about it, after all.[/indent]
Overall rating: X/10

After the overall rating, you can put stuff like whether or not you'd recommend it to a friend (I've bought many things that I've loved but wouldn't recommend to anyone for reasons other than selfishness), and how likely you'd be to develop brand loyalty (whether you'd buy from that particular brand again).

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