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Posted 05 October 2009 - 06:10 PM

Product: LG Dare VX9700
MSRP: $409
Store: local Verizon shop
Price: $200 give or take plus the plan
Description: A touchscreen phone from Verizon, with emphasis on multimedia and ease of use on the internet.

  • Value: 8/10
    This thing is packed with features, but honestly I only use half of them. It's nice having things like a stopwatch and 'airplane mode' (disables all wireless activity) but I'd rather pay less for something with less widget crap.

  • Product quality: 10/10
    The phone is heavier than average for its size. The buttons' tactile response is great, and the screen is not flimsy. The doors for the MicroSD card and charging/USB jack are small but do not feel like they'll fall off anytime soon. The faceplate is accented with laser etched "Verizon" and "LG" logos.

  • Functionality: 8/10
    It touts its 3.2mp camera, bluetooth, music playback and web browsing as its strong points...I don't have a data plan so web browsing is disabled, but I must say that it does the rest quite well. I've synced with skidz' Samsung P3 and my laptop over bluetooth, and the pictures it takes come out looking great, but I have to say that despite all this cool shit, the camera/video takes FOR-FUCKING-EVER to start up. I like that it can take VGA-sized video and hueg pictures, but if I have to wait seven seconds before I can take any, it's very irritating. It also takes two seconds to focus before it actually starts/takes the video/picture. This probably doesn't sound like long, but when you're missing something you want to take video of it's an eternity. This and this alone dropped the rating from a 10.

  • Comfort/Ease of Use: 9/10
    The buttons are in the right place, the touch screen is responsive (usually) and it's easy to see the screen from all viewing angles (it doesn't change color like most LCD's). It feels 'right' when I talk on it, a little wider and thicker than I'm used to (VX8700) but it's not like you're talking into a wallet or something. The only thing that docked it a point is the fact that touchscreen typing is shitty...they did add forgiveness algorithms here and there but you can't hide the fact.

  • Looks/Design: 10/10
    The whole reason I gave a touchscreen phone a try was cause of the way this one looked. That should say enough.

  • Documentation: 8/10
    Average documentation, it is supported by BitPim though so it gets a higher score.

Overall rating: 8.83/10 B+

I'd recommend this phone to others, especially if they are a touchscreen type of person. The screen itself doesn't get smudged easily and the phone doesn't get hot when you talk for a long time (mine is even inside a silicone skin). I've only had this phone for a few months but I can say that I'm happy with it.

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