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Posted 11 August 2008 - 12:45 AM

This is a review for the Windows Explorer replacement program called xplorer2.

Program Name: xplorer2
Publisher: Zabkat
Features: Click
License fee: $29.95 (21-day trial and a 'lite' free version available)
Version tested: [Unicode]

- Dual-pane, tabbed interface
- Detailed info of single files/selections/folders in the status bar area
- Built in hotkey for new folder creation (F8)
- Allows 'normal' Explorer integration in its rightclick menu
- Built-in file preview in a hideable side pane
- Click on any folder in the current folder path and it acts as a hotlink to the appropriate place
- Doubleclick in whitespace goes to parent directory (shortcut for those without a back button on keyboard/mouse)
- Tons of built-in Sort columns, along with any Explorer ones installed
- Group/batch rename
- Zip folder integration, browse just like a normal folder
- Allows transfer between xplorer2 and Explorer (untested between X2 and other explorer replacements)
- Saves tab structure, similar to Firefox, when closed
- Multicolumn sort (sort by more than one column)
- User-selectable click eating when out of focus, turn off so you don't have to click unnecessarily, or turn on if you're the kind that you delete stuff by accident
- Lots of navigation shortcut buttons on the top
- Back/Forward mouse button compatible (as tested with the Logitech MX510)
- Realtime sorting in window (ie. when unraring or downloading)

- Entire window freezes when X2 is the 'donor' of a file transfer
- Program crashes cause your tab layout to be corrupted (data on drives is unaffected)
- New Tab is Ctrl+Ins, not Ctrl+T like Firefox
- Likes to hang when dealing with a lot of files at once (usually 50+, sometimes less, when copying or right clicking)
- Doesn't like unwritable drives when starting up (ie. Cruzer CD drives)
- To close a tab, it's a doubleclick (not middle click) so if you accidentally click twice when changing tabs, it disappears
- Secondary (right side) pane in dual pane mode doesn't save more than one open tab when closing

If this was free, I'd recommend it to everyone. Unfortunately, it isn't, and the problems it has are too much to justify paying $30 for it. The window hanging when transferring is a bother for me, who regularly transfers large file or batches of files with multiple drives (SSBM vids off my camera memory card, for example) and would like to perform other file operations at the same time. If you want it, get the free version and see if you like it. It is better than Explorer, but to be honest, that's not saying much.


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