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Ugin, the Phonetics Dragon

There has been some talk about the correct way to pronounce Ugin (as in Ugin, the Spirit Dragon). We can see from the non-Latin alphabet foreign printings of Ugin how they spell his name and thus how they pronounce it.

There is a speaker icon you can click in Google Translate and it will read the segment out loud for you.

Chinese (Simplified):...


Personally I think that this site is very underused. But since it's here I suppose that I will use it. Not that I particularly know or care what will be posted here, or the simple fact that no one will ultimately read it. The simple truth is that sometimes it is fun to babble right? So babble I shall. League of Legends has got me down. They...

must be the medicine.

first time in a great while something like this happened. the tears don't stop flowing. first it was a song, not a really significant one, but as I was listening, it made me think back. second was a music video, that I really like. finally feat. u-kiss by brave brothers. for some reason, even when the song just started, the lyrics showing up...
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