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Stop Rokkasho Project Somthing important that Shing02 says... Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 16 May 2006 - 11:32 AM

This is a quote of what he said. Respond to this.


please take a moment out of your precious day.

we have launched the site,

which is mainly about raising awareness about the dangers of the nuclear reprocessing plant in Aomori, Japan, which started operation a month ago.

I have teamed up with world renowned composer Ryuichi Sakamoto (of YMO and "Last Emperor" soundtrack fame, not to mention countless other scores and albums to date), to create three versions of "Rokkasho" MP3 for free download. I believe you can search under Rokkasho for a Podcast on iTMS. (note: the site is open to the public, and contains elements for remixes. Please participate in whatever capacity if you feel the inspiration.)

Now. As you may all know in the back of your minds, nuclear contamination is NOT a localized problem. Over the past fifty years, mankind (mainly led by the US, backed by old money) has taken environmental contamination to new heights with the invention of nuclear energy and weaponry. Scientists say that just through nuclear testing up until the 70's alone, the world has seen at least 40,000 times the radiation that the Hiroshima bomb brought in 1945. That means everybody in the world has been hit by unsuspecting doses of massive radiation. (If you really like, you can watch a movie called "Trinity And Beyond".) What a world that we were brought into.

That trend continues to grow at an alarming rate with the use of DU (depleted uranium) weapons, which release extremely fine particles that cause internal exposure as opposed to external, that can (and has been recorded to) also travel the whole world in a matter of days through the atmosphere.

We all know that soldiers on the battlefield in Iraq and Afganistan, as well as civilians in those territories are getting sick. Most proponents of nuclear energy, including power plants etc, believe that radiation on small doses will not harm the human body. Then again, that's billion-dollar industry talk. When's that last time sales people were completely honest?

You can take this problem as far as you want. All I believe is that children have a right to be born unto, and live in a world where basic health is guaranteed. If you live in the US, you already know what the deal is. Probably too much. But maybe we should be acting on it. Our bodies might be getting sicker, but most of us are still sane. There is still hope. I am for one, very postive that communication and the arts can play a huge role in reversing our own crimes against humanity and the environment.

thanks for your attention.
any comments & suggestions are welcome.

in peace,


e22 graphic depot

lyrics to "Rokkasho" MP3


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