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Posted 25 April 2006 - 08:04 PM

Well, seeing that there is a thread for almost every classic, i decided to make this one. THe metroid series is a very long one that has a game for every system (except gbc and n64 i think). Metroid for the NES, Metroid 2, return of samus for gb, super metroid for super famicom, fusion and zero mission for gba, ssb for n64 (dont count), prime and prime 2:echoes for the gamecube, and metroid prime hunters [first hunt] and metroid prime hunters for the DS. A very long series and will continue on to the revolution. I currently play metroid prime hunters and it kicks some major shin ass (literally lol). Its a fps for the ds that has graphics that can nearly rival the gamecube. Its single player is okay, but the game really shines in wi-fi. Connecting to a router or hotspot (or usb connecter, sold seperately), you can play people all around the world. You can find random people to play against (much like mario kart ds) or if you have friend codes of other people, you can set up games and they join, much like in other online fps. You can also voice chat using the microphone built into the ds and suprisingly, the voice quality is very good. Even better than talking on a cell phone. There is a ranking system that follows wins and a record or 'hunters license' that tracks #of wins/# of games on wifi, # of wins/# of games in wireless, favorite hunter, favorite weapon, and time played. It also shows the rate of connection for the person In a percent to show if he/she stays completely for each game played. It is avery good game that got high reviews with a very high replay value its only $35 (cheap!) and i highly recommend it to anyone witha ds. If you get it or have it, add me!!! Friend code is: 2964-2170-5351, and tell me your fc if you add me.

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Posted 13 August 2009 - 11:32 AM

off topic: bump lul

on topic: I played lots of the Metroid games, but almost none to completion... Metroid, Metroid II, Metroid Prime, Metroid Fusion and a little bit of Echoes and Hunters.

slightly on topic: FUUUUK this is one epic figurine
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