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Posted 04 November 2007 - 02:24 PM

I've watched this a long time ago (fall 2005, to be exact) but just finished rewatching it. I liked it a lot, hopefully my review will allow you to do the same.

  • Character Development: 8/10
    For those of you who haven't watched the anime or read the manga (which is is a pity, really) the characters are initially hard to grasp (there's plenty of them, each with their own personality). However, the vast majority of the characters do undergo a change as the story progresses. The only reason why it's an 8 and not a 9 or 10 is because most of them are similar to one another in a sense.

  • Character Diversity: 10/10
    I suppose this comes naturally, as this is a high school driven show, but the personality and characteristics of the students are all unique. Some of them follow along with others, but the main characters all pull the story in their own way. I think it compliments nicely, and just when you think you've got a handle on a character's personality, something changes. It is a drama, after all. Characters, especially the adults, range from the poor old teacher who you sympathize with (Fujitomi), to the frustrations of the never-appreciated head teacher (Uchiyamada), the balls-for-brains PE teacher (Fukuroda), and even the shady policeman that hits on women whenever possible (Saejima). The characters interact with one another like they would in real life, as conflicts are quite common in this series (and some being physical, as well). The only disappointment was, I thought, that they did not include some of my favorite characters from the manga (Urumi and Mayu, for one, and Kunio's two bumbling friends Fujiyoshi/Kusano).

  • Plot: 9/10
    For those of you that already read/watched GTO, the plot is pretty much the same, with some liberties taken to simplify things (combined characters, for example). However, it's still very good, and I enjoyed watching the story unfold even though I knew what was going to happen. Watching the plot unfold is extremely entertaining, and at times, it toys with your emotions as well.

  • Humor: 10/10
    Being a drama, you probably expect some humor, but GTO is awesome because it delivers a lot of lols, especially with body language done by Onizuka (Sorimachi), and his unorthodox responses and questions. The students are funny too, especially when they're up to something. The humor really balances the tone of the series, just like in the manga and anime. As much as there is, you never get the feeling as though they're doing it in excess.

  • Drama: 8/10
    The drama is indeed good, although I had to give it an 8 because it does do some theme revisiting. Other than that, you really don't know what's going to happen until it does. Although some people think otherwise, I believe Sorimachi Takashi is an awesome actor, for portraing GTO so close to what Fujisawa Touru probably had in mind. The plot progresses nicely, at a pace that feeds you new things while keeping the tension high.

  • Emotion: 10/10
    This is probably where the series shines (for me, at least). The actors for the students are extremely good, and you can feel as though you're connecting with them as you are made aware of their situation or troubles, and how Onizuka helps them resolve it. It's extremely easy to quickly find a favorite character, as there are enough students to cover a lot of bases, but not so much that you feel lost. There has been no other series that I've found so inspiring, seriously. By the end of each episode, I felt a sense of motivation and need to go out and go against the flow with issues that are causing problems...a bit overboard, you may think, but give the series a try and tell me you don't feel the same.

  • Acting: 9/10
    Most of the actors are excellent, especially considering how many was needed to fill up the class. The teachers sometimes go overboard though, but it's all good. That's what drama is about right? The main protagonists/antagonists were superb. It's easy to connect to their feelings, and do the 'if I were them, I'd do ____' thing.

  • Rewatchability: 10/10
    I'd definately watch this again, especially if I'm feeling particularly worn down. This series just has it for me, it's inspirational and fun to watch. GTO is never a letdown, and I'm very glad I got into the series. I'm glad they kept it short, because they could have easily done two or three seasons with all the stuff that happened in the manga.

Overall rating: 9.25/10 A-

I'd definately recommend this series to anyone, even people who aren't fans of the GTO series (yet). Onizuka, Fuyutsuki, and all the rest of the students and teachers just capture your heart very quickly. This series is rediculously inspiring for me, and hopefully for others as well. The opening song is sung by Sorimachi Takashi as well, and fittingly is the theme song of the series (played during the episode as well). Much thanks to Damo for introducting me to the live action. I remember that I was originally skeptical when I first saw it, but was quickly won over.

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Posted 15 November 2007 - 03:06 PM

Ooh cool, I didn't know there was a liveaction version of it. :D sounds cool, i'l check it out. is it okay to post screenshots in here Shonen?

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